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Taliban to Legalize Farming of Heroine-Plant, Poppy

US trials to reduce the production of illegal drugs in Afghanistan dwindled after the Taliban took over the country. Global fear of legalization of Poppy a main product of heroin is drawing near after reports that the Taliban are having plans of legalizing the plant.

According to Times of India media, Taliban leaders have hinted at legalizing the farming of poppy plants. This will increase the illegal drug trade by a large percentage. Afghanistan currently stands at 90% source of heroin.

The report says that with the legalization "Taliban can now farm and trade Poppy plant which is a raw material of opium and heroin. This is contrary to its first promise of eradicating the plant in the fight against the illicit drug trade.

Haji Abdul Haq Akhond Hamkar deputy minister of anti-narcotics said the legalization of the plant could help the war-ravaged country sharply improve its economy. He noted that the idea of legalizing is welcomed if there's no other window of providing jobs for citizens. 

Australia and Turkey are among other countries planting the plant but for pharmaceutical uses, it's used to manufacture opioids and major pain killers.

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