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Stay Woke of This Robbery Trick, Popular With Matatu Thieves

About three years ago,there were so many cases of unsuspecting passengers losing their items on matatus especially in Nairobi town.

Unfortunately, it seems like the trend is back again.A criminal gang that is working along with matatu drivers and conductors is robbing passengers on broad daylight.The victims on most cases are usually asked to sit at the front seat near the driver.

The gang usually have positioned themselves strategically in the matatu so as to carry out their mission perfectly without anyone suspecting.As the matatu is moving,the front door suddenly opens and the victim is coaxed by the person at the back who is the conductor to give aid in helping to close it.It is at that moment that the mission is accomplished by the criminal sitting next to the victim.

The so called conductor then informs the victim that they had dropped a phone,when closing the door.It Is then, that the victim realizes the missing gadget.When the they alight to try trace the 'dropped' item,the matatus speed off.

That's how passengers are easily falling prey to this tricks.Next time you want to board a matatu just be abit cautious on where you sit,whom you sitting next to and the number of passengers in the matatu just to be safe.

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