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"Rest In Peace Mum" Woman Says After Her Mother Died Before She Completed Building Her A New House

A woman has left netizens in tears after sharing how her mother passed away before she completed building her a house.

Nikky Ndanu, the woman, said that her mother passed away before she could gift her a house that was under construction. Ndanu revealed that her mother was diagnosed with cancer early last year and they all had hopes that she would emerge victorious only to pass away last month.

"Early this year I decided to build her a house. Sadly, she succumbed to cancer last month. My heart is broken. Rest in peace mum," she said emotionally.

Nikky added that her mother was aware of the house under construction and it was her long time dream to live in it. Since she is now gone, she decided that the house will be used as a family house once it is completed.

May her soul rest in peace.

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