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A Snake Slits to a Man's Grave Then Rests on His Grave as a Way of Mourning Him

There are always uncommon happenings that are experienced every day in the country. Some of them are like cows and goats giving birth to abnormal calves, making residents wonder what could be the reason.

The residents of Baringo county were shocked after a snake was found resting on a man's grave.

Reports indicate that the man was a snake catcher before he died a few days ago. It is also reported that the man uses to aide snake catchers from Europe to catch snakes and extract their poison from various types of snakes.

It is also said that the man started his work after his friend was bitten by a snake with poison and died later.

According to the locals, a snake was seen slithering into the man's house, before resting on the man's grave, causing panic among residents.

However, according to some of the residents, the snake must have been there to mourn the experienced and expert snake catcher and poison extractor, who had been working to make them safe.

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