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Anger in Kakamega as Govt Proposes Tax on Circumcision and Post-Mortem on Dead Cats and Chicken

The government of Kakamega has proposed new taxes. The county government has said they have decided to tax clinical circumcision on male children that are taken to the hospitals and post_morten on dead animals like dogs, chicken and cats.

The Kakamega county government has decided to do so after a law was passed and they have said it will be a mandatory to all citizens.

The residents on the other hand condemned the passed new laws that have been added to the this the Finance of this year.

Elisha Ohuya and Geoffrey Wekesa, the chair of Kakamega Hoteliers Association and market counter part respectively, this is what they had to complain, “We condemn the move by our MCAs to add such punitive laws to our already overtaxed people in the name of circumcision and post-mortem fees.

“We are in a pandemic and instead of the government giving us incentives it is burdening us with more taxes,” Wekesa noted.

Nancy Linana , a local farmer also had to say these by condemning the county government,“ Will I buy food or pay Ksh600 to the livestock department for them to conduct a post-mortem on my dead cat, dog or chicken? This county is now joking with us,” Linana toldK24 Digital.

On the other hand, private school owners are needed to part with 30% increase on Kshs 25,000 they used to pay so as to be allowed in Kakamega county.

The affected individuals also complained stating that the county government is telling them to close down in a polite way.

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Elisha Ohuya Geoffrey Wekesa Kakamega Kakamega Hoteliers Association Nancy Linana


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