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Theft robbery

How Yellow kid robbed the world

The early twentieth century American con artist yellow kid weil knew that no matter how skillful he homed in on the perfect wealth men, if he, a stranger approached this man directly, the richmen might become suspicious. So weil would find someone the men already knew to serve as a cat's paw, someone lower on the totem pole who was himself an unlikely target, and would therefore be less suspicious.

Weil would interest this man in a scheme promising incredible wealth. Convinced the scheme was for real the Cat's Paw would often suggest, without prompting that is boss or wealth Friend should get involved: having more cash to invest this money would increase the size of the pot making bigger cash for all concerned. The cat's paw would then involve the wealthy sucker who had been weil target all along, but who would not suspect a trap since it was his trusty subordinate who had ropped him in. Devices like this are often the best way to approach a person of power. He used an associate or subordinate to Hook up with his primary target.

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