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BEWARE: Banking Safety And Security Tips Against Fraud

Some mistakes done during the process of banking, especially the digital way have led to people being defrauded, cheated and have had their hard earned money stolen. Surprisingly, it all comes down to a few little and subtle mistakes that we do but they do not appear risky in the beginning. 

Occasionally, you'd receive information and warning alerts from your banking service provider. Those alerts asking you not to share your PIN with anyone are the most common, most warned against but ironically; are the most common mistake. In addition, here are some other tips to keep you banking secure. 

Don't save or write your banking PIN anywhere. Not on your phone or some secretive place. It is much better if you memorize it and remember it always. 

Hackers are real. DON'T log into your bank account using public WI-FI networks. Your internet traffic on such network is normally not encrypted hence making it accessible to any attentive hacker tracking you. That's how your bank account balance may read zero afterwards. 

Don't react to anything rashly including some scam messages from fraudulent people involving money. Many messages asking for your banking details, especially passwords on emails and texts are likely to be scams. DON'T respond. 

Finally, don't make your password easy to guess, make it a little harder and longer. This way it's hard for someone who knows you but with malicious intentions to break into your account. 

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