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Reason Why Kenyan Police Wear Blue Uniform

Many Kenyans have questioned why the National Police Department decided to utilize blue instead of the red or white that most nations use for their military departments for local police officer uniforms. Therefore, today we'd like to explain to you why police officers wear blue uniforms and what the color blue means to the police force.

To separate the local police officers from those of the Western nation was one of the numerous reasons the police department decided on the blue color for the outfit.

Grey was the standard color for police uniforms throughout Europe, thus Kenya had to pick a distinctive color for their police uniforms in order to stand out.

Second, contrary to grey, which typically represented a no-nonsense group of people, blue, in the eyes of Kenyan police chiefs, is a statement of power and desire to serve Kenyans.

Therefore, the national department decided on the color blue to break up the monotony and Kenyans' fear of the police.

Last but not least, the color blue has a special significance for the military branch because it symbolizes the department's cohesion and advancements over the years.

What do you think about cops wearing vblue rather than white or black?

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