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Man Narrates How He Discovered a Mysterious Disease of Producing Milk From His Breast

People are just too judgemental, jumping into matters without knowing the truth behind the situation.

Francis was born and raised in Nairobi.After his primary school education,they relocated to Karatina,where he underwent his secondary school education.Afterwards,he went back to Nairobi where he studied computer science.

Luckily,he got employment in a certain company.By then he was also preaching the gospel.He later married his wife Mercy who had one child.

The two were happily married but seven years into their marriage,they still lacked a child.Mercy's in-laws became hostile to her calling her barren but Francis was always on her side.

"They even brought me another lady to marry saying my wife wasn't good enough for me but I declined," Francis said in an interview with Hungura Media.At that time, Francis had become so sick,he was oftenly having fever to a point of having sleepless nights.

One day he came home with his shirt wet and on checking,he found his breasts producing milk and Mercy took him to hospital.He was given appointments,one after the other but no doctor seemed to help the situation.

Luckily,they heard a certain doctor speaking on radio and they took her number.They visited her and Francis was diagnosed with Prolactinoma,a disease of the pituitary glad having a tumour causing hormonal imbalance.

Francis was put under medication but was told the solution to his healing is a surgery in India.It hasn't been easy but God has seen them through.He requests well-wishers to support him to get treated in order to go back to his normal life.

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Francis Hungura Media.At Karatina Nairobi


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