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Bad News To Kenyans Who Like Eating Meat as New Details About Dog's Meat Being Sold, Emerge

In the country, there are several farmers who are raising different animals. Some animals, like dogs and cats, are raised for security purposes, as cats are used to chase rats and dogs are used to guard our homes. Further, most people in the country like buying meat from different markets. In some cases, people have ended up eating the meat of either dogs or cats after buying it from unknown sources. These cases should be condemned, and all Kenyans should unite and report suspected individuals.

According to the source, Kenyans have been warned against buying meat from unregistered butcheries. As per the latest updates shared by a well-known source this hour, it has been revealed that Kenyans should be very careful when buying meat from different butcheries after a man posted slaughtering dogs. Obadiah Njagi, who is also Director of Veterinary Services, has broken the silence and asked all Kenyans to be very careful when buying meat because maybe there are cases of dogs slaughtering in the country.

He has also added that dogs can transmit zoonotic diseases to humans. Also, he has revealed that all meat in the country should be duly inspected, stamped, and transported under the control of inspecting officers. This will help to control cases of Kenyans buying rotten meat or meat from unknown animals.

These are bad news for all Kenyans if the said meat is sold in the country. Let us hope that the government, through the Ministry of Health, will take action and monitor these cases in the country.

Also, you are encouraged to report to a nearby police station if you come across unsuspicious meat.

Have a blessed night. Follow me for the latest updates from different parts of the country.

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