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"Wakenya Wamechoka" The Photo Of This Kenyan Man Sleeping On A Sofa Explain It All.

Kenyans have given their different views after a photo of a man on a motor bike being carried with a sofa on it sleeping.

Pulse live posted the picture of this man and Kenyans have different views on it saying that indeed were are tired of this pandemic and corrupted government.

Below are some comments of Kenyans

Musyoki muli says that this world is very hard with all this pandemic and soever while Cecilia mutunga is saying that this is how people are retiring this days.

Morris minor says that we are already tired it just that we don't show it and have not take it with seriousness.

Carol manegene says that this man is not tired he is just enjoying life by style.

Kefa matundura admit it's true that Kenyans are so tired

Dan Danty says that this man is on a retirement going home in style alaa.

Kenyans are indeed tired since the pandemic hit the country life has changed people being jobless over an year plus it not a joke has this pandemic affected you in any way?

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