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World's Dirtiest Man Hits 67 Years Without Bathing, Reveals What Will Happen To Body If He Showers

The Guinness books of record have details of Amou Hajji as the world's dirtiest man having spent close to seven decades without taking a shower nor touching water.

Amou has hit 67 years since he last placed his hands on water - a fact that is not only surprising but also breathtaking. Amou replaced an Indian man that was holding the record of the world's dirtiest man who had spent 37 years without taking a shower.

Amou is used to live in Deigah City of Iran before he abandoned it and left for Iranian deserts where he lives in solitude.The man feeds on meat alone and he is also an active smoker who does more than one cigarette at a time.

While his story was being aired on KBC TV, it emerged that Amou believes that when he placed his hands on water to take a shower, he will die because his body is not used to that. Interesting reason indeed from the World's dirtiest man !

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