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Why Several Cases Of Buildings Collapsing Have Been Reported In The Country

Several Cases Of buildings collapsing have been witness in nearly all parts of the country but it so sad and shocking that they incidents have claims many life of innocent people.The following are factors that might contribute to collapsing.

Weak foundations

Since adequate foundations are costly and depending on the strength of the soil in order to support the expected load of the building majority tends to go for cheaper ones inorder to save.

Substandard materials

Majority of contractors prefers cheaper building materials in order to maximize profits at a lower cost.

Poor structural design

The engineer may also follow inaccurate theories and use inaccurate data and make wrong choices of materials during construction of a building.

Unqualified labour

Major engineers of such professionals come at a cost and in a bid to cut on costs some developers prefer to hire uncertified jua kali artisans inorder to minimize spending.

Greed for wealth

The rural to urban migration has led to congestion thus resulting into an ever growing demand for housing in major towns across the country.This makes investors to boycott building rules and regulations to hurriedly put up substandard structures.


The government agencies mandated with inspection of buildings to ensure they are safe for human habitation are riddled with corruption and inefficiencies.

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