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Kenyans Reveal Some Of Their Worst Experiences On Toxic Work Places That They Will Never Forget.

Following the latest death of the Dj. who committed suicide at his work place, Kenyans have Decided to share their experiences in toxic work places. It is alleged that the deejay committed suicide after being in a toxic work place and that's why he opted to end his life by taking rat poison. Toxic work places are places whereby people don't get along with their colleagues and are constantly bullied.

Most Kenyans have Revealed that most of the people who make work places to be toxic are bosses, followed by colleagues. Others talked about how bosses could constantly harass them in public and kept on threatening about firing them. Some of the Kenyans Revealed that they had to quit their jobs by resigning so that they could experience some moments of peace. Other Kenyans vowed never to consider Formal Job employment ever in their life again. See Screenshots of Kenyans Experiences below.

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