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3 Things That Poor people Do That Makes Them to Remain Poor. (opinion).

If you ask a Kenyan who is a poor person, the most likely answer will be a person who doesn't have money and wealth. This is true, the difference between rich people and poor people is their monetary status and investments and the general wealth they have.

Everyone wants to be rich, no one likes poverty, however there are some things that most of us do, and have made us to languish in poverty. Here are 3 things that only poor people do that you need to stop doing.

1.A poor Person Always See The Problem Ahead, Not a Solution.

You can agree with me, most poor people like complaining too much. For example we always see daily in our television people Begging for the government to give the food. Yes it is the role of the government to that, but for how long will you keep Begging, ask the government to help you a way through which you can gain skills and start cultivating your own farm and produce food. Lets open our mind and allow them to think. Always think of solutions and never tense about the problems, they are part of life.

2.Often have alot of Advice, but never any experience to share.

I don't want to go deeper into this, but most people who offer advices are usually poor people, they are good at talking, but to put the idea into practice, is a major syndrome they suffer from. So please put your words into actions.

3.Spent Money that they Don't Have.

Having a budget plan is very important, but it is much important if you already have that money. About 90% of poor people, start budgeting for the money, before they have even cashed it. They want to fulfil all their needs once and in budgeting they even go to an extend of borrowing loans. You cannot be rich with a loan. So please be keen here.

Those are three things that only poor people do that you need to stop doing.

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