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"My Family Rejected Me After I Came Out Of Prison, I Have Heart Problem I Wish I Stayed In Prison.

Dorcas from Kisumu has narrated how her family members rejected after she was released from prison where she was jailed for a crime she didn't commit,while there she was diagnosed with heart problems and was on medication.

According to Dorcas is that she came to Nairobi in Kenya poly were she did sales and marketing and later was employed by an license agency where she worked for years,while there she got married and they were blessed with two kids.

Unfortunately her husband got sick and after she took him to the hospital he was diagnosed with stomach cancer and after few months he died,she was left to take care of her kids all alone after in laws took a everything their son had together with her.

Dorcas says that she continued working untill one day a client came to their office and wanted a license for his 17 buses, where he wanted for a full year cover but at that moment he had money for one month for all the buses and they had to write an agreement that he will be paying the rest of the money every month.

She claims that this client is a very prominent person,he paid for the first three months but after there he stopped and switch off his phone.Her manager told her to delete the buses information from their systems and on that same day one of their bus got into accident.

When the owner went to their other branch to report that his bus had an accident their system didn't produce the data of his buses and it became a police case,her and the manager were accused of having a fake agency and robbery and the court jailed them for 18years or a bail out of 310,000 thousand.

Dorcas says that her boss manged to get the money and she was bailed out but after she came out of prison her family members rejected her and accused her of been a criminal,she say that when she was still in prison she was diagnosed with heart problems and was on medication.

She claims that she lost her job and she has rent to pay and kids to take care of and at the same time buy her medicine which are very expensive,she is now pleading with anyone who can give her a job so that she can be able to take care of her bills because sometimes she wishes she never came out of prison because there the medicine where given to her for free.

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