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Currently Nairobians only Put on Masks When Going to the CBD

Are people in your neighbourhood still putting on masks like they used to? Are they still adhering to Covid-19 guidelines?Are they sanitising and washing their hands. The most probable answer is no. Many Kenyans have given up on Covid-19 precautionary measures. While adherence to Covid-19 guidelines was long time dropped in Kenyan villages, Nairobians and residents of other major towns maintained the zeal, thanks to the level of security that was beefed up to specifically make sure Covid-19 rules were adhered to. However the zeal wasn't to stay long as many people began slowly giving up including the officers.

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First, the flaunting covid-19 guidelines began with dropping if hand washing with running water and soap. Many people resorted to exclusively using hand sanitizers which was again not going to be used for long. Though there are still a few people using hand sanitizers, many do it because it is a procedure to entering certain buildings or to be served in some companies. Otherwise very few people do if to protect themselves

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While travelling around the country, I've also come to realise many Kenyans stopped using masks. In fact it is only Nairobi that still have a large number of people using masks. The villages dropped it as fast as it came. Other towns dropped it, and even in Nairobi, many do not put on mask to protect themselves but to avoid falling in trouble with authorities. Putting on mask is also a ticket to being served and being allowed to enter certain places, a good reason why some people are still forced to put them on

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Personally, I've come to realise most Nairobians only put on masks when in matatus and only when headed to town. It is very clear that this is not a move meant to protect anyone from Corona Virus but from the police. Where I stay right now, you'll only find one out of fifty people putting on a mask

If we really want to put a complete end to this pandemic, please let's keep on adhering to set guidelines. Let's also go for the Vaccine, don't be deceived by negativities and conspiracies against the vaccines.

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