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Road Accident

'Watu Wa Audi Wanaonanga Barabara Ni Yao' People React After A Car Did This On Road

Everyday road users are advised to use roads wisely by strictly observing traffic rules. This is not only to save lives of the people in the travelling vessels alone but also people around them too. However, in many occasions a number of people fail to follow these rules and this explains why government has placed traffic police at a given intervals on Kenyan roads to help observe this.

In connection to that, a man posted in ma3Route page in tweeter complaining about a person who was driving car named Audi that hit his car and went scot free without even apologising.

This got many people in the group angry claiming that it is not once, people who drive Audi are fond of this habit, in fact they often think that the road is theirs. Below are some of the comments regarding the same.

What do you think about this incident, you can drop your comments in the comments section below.

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Audi Audi Wanaonanga Barabara Watu Wa


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