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GSU Police Officer Catches Wife in Bed With a Boda Rider Beats Him to Death Await for Court Rulling

A police officer who works in GSU General Service Unit, and charged with murder of killing a Bodaboda operator, after allegedly busting him preying with his wife during the night hours await for Court rulling.

According to a judgement sheet produced in court, the suspect, Bernard Rotich, who is based in Lokichogio, Turkana County, is accused of killing the motorcyclist in a suspected love triangle. However, he denied the murder charge before Eldoret High Court Judge Eric Ogola.

He pleads not guilty, saying: "I was working the overnight shift as a pressman for a small morning edition newspaper in Green Bay, Wisconsin. My crew and I had just finished printing that day’s paper and had a gap in the production schedule at about 1:00AM.

So, yeah. Pulled up in front of my house and immediately noticed that there was a big, black Dodge truck parked in my driveway. Always found it odd that you park on a driveway, but drive on a parkway! But, I digress.

The prosecution desk told the court that the visibly angry man who however arrested and taken to police station, recorded the incident with the police saying the man who sleeps his wife after realizing that he was away from home on that particular day.

His wife escaped death by a whisker, but the motorcyclist was waylaid and beaten before being rushed to a hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

The police reports that an incident of accused who wanted to catch a cheating wife finally achieved his goal, after the husband who always been suspicious of the wife for cheating on their matrimonial home.

Prosecutors told the court mental assessment report from Nandi Hills Sub-County Hospital confirmed that the accused was fit to stand trial.

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