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Deadly Fight Over Food In Bungoma Turns Tragic After Two Men Mercilessly Kill Their Own Brother

A man lost his life after a deadly fight over food in Bungoma County, sources indicate thay he was ruthlessly beaten by his own brothers after he attacked their mum.

According to the DCI, two brothers who were responding to a distress call from their mother are in custody, after they assaulted their elder brother who later succumbed to his injuries. 

In the incident which occurred in Elukhongo, Butula sub county, the deceased had returned home at 8pm in a drunken stupor and demanded for food from their mother. When she responded that food was not ready, the 32-year-old son descended on her with blows and kicks leaving her wailing in despair, for dear life.

Her two other sons Pascaliano Odhiambo, 29 and Bonventure Ouma, 19, immediately responded to their mother’s screams only to find Juma assaulting her. They gave him a dog’s beating before they retired to bed. 

Early today morning at around 6am, the mother woke up and walked towards Juma’s house to check on him, despite having been assaulted by him the previous night. 

She was however shocked to find him lying dead on the doorstep of his house, with a deep cut inflicted on his head, slightly above the left ear. 

She immediately alerted the local authorities who called in detectives based at Butula. A machete, jembe and a rungu believed to be the murder weapons were found at the scene of the murder, documented and collected by the Busia based crime scene personnel. 

Meanwhile, the two brothers were arrested and placed in custody at Bumala police station for processing and arraignment in court. 

The shocking incident comes at a time so many deaths have been witnessed across the country on similar grounds.

It has emerged that domestic wars have been on thr rise be it fight over pieces of land or food as in this circumstance.

Most of these incidents have been associated with the harsh economic times that kenyans are handling od late since the outbreak of the deadly corona virus.

Lately, cops have been urging all kenyans to learn how to use diplomacy and more amicable ways to solve disputes other than engaging in deadly physical fights.


Ogale...Perfect definition of Hasira Hasara, Sad. The mother has lost one son and two will be in prison.

Ahmed... It's was a self-defence attack the two young men were defending their own mother...

Hassan... The 2 guys defended their loved mother and they shouldn't be jailed at all

Kimani... The two brothers did the right thing... No one can descend on my own mother... It's unfortunate that the said brother died.

Winnie... Where do these people get the energy to hit their parents??No one should ever joke with my parents,not even my brother... cooling my heels wherever I would be after I fought for them wouldn't love for those angels....

The two brothers are nyangau ingine wacha ikufe for raising hands to hit a woman who sired and raised him.. actually he should not be left to rest in peace..

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