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Igembe Residents left Elated After One of Their Own Was Released From Prison

We can all attest to the fact that freedom is very important as it gives us the opportunity to express ourselves, act and pursue happiness without unnecessary external restrictions. Additionally, it gives happiness because the state of being free is aligned with someone's true nature.

However, when one is denied his or her freedom by serving a long jail term, one lacks space to call his own, one has no choice over who to be with, choice of food to eat, or where to go.

What makes it even worse is that love or even a gentle human touch can be difficult to find as one is separated from family and friends.

But when one gets his freedom back especially after almost a quarter-century of confinement he or she cannot hide the joy.

Speaking of that residents of Igembe could not hide their joy as a man was released from prison after 22 years.

This is after he had killed another person following a Ksh 50 argument that led to the unfortunate incident.

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Elated Igembe


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