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"Sipigi Kelele Bure, We Are Dying" Woman Pleads With The Government To Avail ARVs To HIV/AIDS Patients

A middle aged woman identified as Passy Ma Travor has taken her anger on social media on the kind of distress she has been going tjeough as a HIV/AIDS patient amid reports that the life-saving drugs for the virus are being hoarded by the government.

In an emotional post that has left netizens in a great shock, Passy Ma Travor alleged that the ARV drugs were not being availed to the HIV/AIDS patients in the country leading to a great lose of lives among the affected people.

"Sipigi Kelele bure, I know how far ARVs side effects can affect someone, by the way, I have been there, I know the pain, it is something I wouldn't wish even on my biggest enemy... Some of us don't make noise to be known or be famous, 4 years down the line but still fresh in me" Passy Ma Travor penned an emotional post on her Facebook account.

Passy Ma Travor shared her photos while battling the virus which she contracted four years ago and has been surviving well with the aid of the ARVs, but her health deteriorated when the ARVs became scarce to her access.

Below are some of the photos she shared on Facebook.

This comes a time when the government allegedly put on hold the HIV/Aids and Tuberculosis drugs which were donated by the USAID to Kenyan government stating that it side-stepped a routine of channeling the donations to the country and used a private firm.

Normally, the HIV drug donations and some other related commodities used to be received by KEMSA and would distribute them to patients upon approval by the Ministry of Health experts.

This delay of distributing ARV drugs to patients has piled pressure to the government as they pushing for their rights of access to the drugs.

We wish all the HIV/Aids patients across the country a quick recovery and good health.

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