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Be Careful with these Red Light Behaviours by Strangers in Nairobi

If you see anyone behaving in any of the following ways around you in Nairobi or anywhere else around the country, please be very careful with them. If possible take necessary precautions not to fall a victim of their malice, just in any case they have bad intentions

1. A Stranger Following You Up

Some will walk next to you while others will try keep as far as possible from you. This doesn't mean that all individuals waking next to you or to your direction are malicious, but you never know. If you feel like someone is following you up, even if they are not, trust you instincts and sit somewhere or enter a building until you are sure they are gone. Make sure the place you sit or the building you enter has constant flow of people. There have been incidences of people being trailed from M-PESA shops, ATMs and even from Supermarkets then being robbed or even killed.

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2. A Dealer Agreeing Unusually Faster to Your Bargains

When you meet a street promoter or just someone in business and they seem to be easily convinced by your recommendations or bargains, be very careful with them. In this case, put aside hawkers because their business is different. But if you meet for instance someone selling an iPhone for 50k then you tell them 25k and they agree almost immediately, don't take that phone, that's a red light. The phone may be fake, faulty, counterfeit or stolen.

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3. Someone Looking at you for a very long time

If your are seated somewhere in town or standing, waiting for someone, or just taking a rest then you spot a stranger continuously looking at you please take a step. In most case, if the look is malicious, these strangers will look and you then withdraw their contact away from you when you turn to their direction. There must be a reason for those kind of looks, so, please if it happens, even if it is not malicious, take a precaution just to acertain your safety.

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4. Someone passes close to you then either pushes you or makes an unusual contact.

If you are walking along the streets of Nairobi CBD for example, then a strangers passes very close to you, either pushing you or touching you, please check you pockets and handbags, there is hight probability that the stranger could be a pick-pocketer.

Please share this information widely. Thank you

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