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Be Aware Of This Fake News; Ministry Warns Public On This

Office of the ministry of interior now warns public from reading the circulating letter signed with its identity purporting it is fake and should be treated with a lot of contempt it deserves.

The letter was categorical to the incidence that happened in Kahawa West during the demolition process that culminated to the death of two people.

The letter was also strictly addressing the merciless killings by rogue police of innocent civilians.

The letter also urged the internal affairs unit of the police service to come into the matter and swiftly investigate the matter.

The director of criminal investigation was also dragged into the matter that also called for immediate investigation.

Finally the letter addressed such like cases of demolition will take another turn to ensure that such fishy occurrences of unecessary killing by police never to happen again.

The incidence of killing by the police has been rapidly taking a center stage.This calls for every department in the government and human right proponents to swiftly take charge to avoid loss of lives.

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