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Story of Man Who Works at the World Bank But Confused for His Mzungu Wife's Driver for Being Mukorino

David Wachira is a man who has been staying in the US since he was 12 years old after his father moved there for further studies. He revealed in an interview that life was not easy at first because their parents were also schooling and they depended on donations for survival.

Despite the challenges they faced, David worked hard at school until he got a PhD in Public Finance and Governance Specialist at the age of 26. He applied for a job at the World Bank and he was happy to be among the people who were selected. It was a dream come true for him because he had always wished to work at the bank.

David said that apart from having a great job he is also lucky to have found a beautiful wife who is family oriented, humble and a good cook. His wife's name is Cecilie Olaussen who is a Mzungu from the US. They met at an event, fell in love and one and a half years later they got married.

However, he said that he has gone through the challenge of being confused for Cecilie's driver especially here in Kenya because of his Korino turban. That whenever they go to conferences together in hotels security guards stop him from entering the buildings because they think he is just a driver. At some point one guard asked him, "Wewe korino unaenda wapi?"

He also attended a certain meeting and some of the attendees ordered him to make them coffee thinking he is not one of them. According to him, most people see Korino as group of individuals who can never succeed in life or become big people.

He urged people to stop having such mentalities because anyone from any religion or community can become a great person.

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