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"What My Hubby Did To Me That Landed Me On A Wheelchair For Life. He Hated Me A Lot." Grace Narrates

Grace Nyokabi from Muranga painfully narrates how her husband physically abused her one night and landed her on a wheelchair. He abused her with a huge piece of wood that broke her spinal cord. He wanted to kill her and also told her how much he disliked her.

Grace was born and raised in Muranga in a family of four children. Her parents had separated and they were left under the care of her father. She didn't complete school because she had to drop out and help her father in raising her siblings.

She claimed that when she was fifteen years she met a cc man who offered to marry her. She liked him a lot and she quickly moved in with him. At first he loved her and provided for her but things changed when she delivered her first child.

She claimed that he became a drankard and very abusive. He would come home late while drunk and beat her for petty reasons. He stopped providing for them and Grace' s started doing casual jobs. Her situation didn't change and she though y of leaving the marriage.

According to her while she was about to leave she realized that she was pregnant for her second child. This stopped her and she decided to keep living with him. She continued with her casual jobs until when she gave birth. At this time her husband's drinking behaviour had turned into an adiction.

Grace claimed that her husband became even more abusive and one night he came home a drunk. However this time he wasn't very drunk, he demanded for food and water and she served him. Instead of drinking the water he splashed it on her face.

She went on to say that he went out and took a huge piece of wood and came to beat her. As he hit her her told he'd that he hated her and he would kill her. Grace tried to defend herself as she begged for her life but he was stronger. He hit her on her back and she passed out.

"I knew that I was going to die, I begged for my life." Grace stated.

She claimed that she woke up in hospital rounded up by family members. She was informed that the neighbors had heard her cry and came to rescue her. She was also informed that she had lost her ability to walk because her spinal cord was badly damaged.

Grace was in so much emotionaly pain that she cried her eyes out. She was later discharged and confined in a wheelchair and her husband was arrested taken to court and jailed for two years. She has advised women to walk out of abusive marriages and walk away from toxic husbands.

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Grace Grace Narrates Grace Nyokabi Muranga


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