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" Don't Blame Kenyans For Covid 19 Spread." Hon. Didmus Barasa To The Government.

Immediately after the president had issued more orders on the containment of conara virus spread,Deputy President Ally Didmus addressed the media over the same at his home at Nasianda in Kimili constituency.

Reacting to the measures ,the government should not blame Kenyans for corana spread,it should carry the cross for allowing people from outside the country inform of tourists and workers to move around without quarantining themselves as it was initially.He stressed that any person coming to the country should be tested for corana and quarantine for at least seven day to minimize on the virus spread.

That all Kenyans should be vaccinated immediately in the next three months to salvage the collapsing economy.Many people are actually suffering from hardship. They have been fired ,goes without meal to an extent of social violence in the families.

It is only through the government set out policies that the curve will flatten and contain corana virus .The Government to come in and her citizen school opens in the next one week.

The students may find themselves in hot waters if not well guided ,the measures set up by ministry of health jointly with Education has to be followed strictly ,no one intends to loose the beloved one in the name of Corona virus.

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