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From Being A House Girl, Hawking To Owning A Home-Lady Recounts Her Struggles Until She Succeeded

A middle aged lady has left Kenyans online amazed after sharing photos of her newly constructed house in the village.

The lady, Deborah Jandeka Odari, took to one of the famous Facebook groups "Dream House And Building Forums" to celebrate her achievement after long struggles in Nairobi City.

According to her, the journey has been full of ups and downs but she never gave up. Deborah worked as a house help to her cousin in Nairobi's Ongata Rongai before trying her lack in hawking, however, she went back to the housekeeping job this time at Kariobangi.

She recalled being hosted since she could not afford paying rent. Upon getting her salary as a house help in Kariobangi, she decided to pick her form four certificate after which she enrolled for Early Childhood Development Education at a college within the City.

Deborah revealed that upon her graduation she got absorbed by the county government. This opened her ways enabling her to construct a beautiful house back in the village.

Full view of the house constructed by Deborah. Photo/Courtesy.

"My little palace. Worked as house girl to my cousin at Ongata Rongai, Ever, saloonist wa Damaris hosted me 3 months, did Hawking 2 months. I decided to be house girl kariobangi, got salary and picked up my sec cert, went back to Kayole." Read part of her confession in the group.

''I later joined bridge international academies and did diploma in ecde part time Halisi College (Kayole), I later got absorbed by county" She revealed.

Deborah expressed her gratitude to God who picked her from nowhere to owning her house which is a very big challenge even to those with good salaries.

"The Ivisible and vusible Scars God healed. He wiped my tears and He's steering me to my destiny. It's God. God bless my friends" The lady added.


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