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Ghastly Scenes as Man Burns Himself Using Methylated Spirit Upon Advice From a Nurse at Hospital

Incidents where people have been burnt have been on the rise in the country in the recent past with the government urging people to abstain from such acts of self harm which have been very rampant.

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This follows the case that has been brought to the public's attention by the National Police Service Official Social Media Handle where a man burnt himself in Garissa County using spirit after advice from a nurse at a local health center.

The man, who has been identified as Mohamud Haret, is said to have accompanied a patient to a local health facility that is known as Mukono Hospital where a nurse friend of his works.

Upon asking the nurse if methylated Spirit can cause burns, the nurse told him yes advised him to try and this is when the man doused himself with the spirit and lit a match.

He caught fire and sustained serious burns that almost led to the loss of his life if it wasn't for the quick actions of the hospital staff who helped him.

The incident happened yesterday morning and has shocked residents of the quiet area of Kora Kora in Garissa Sub County but he is in stable condition now.

Police are looking into the matter and are optimistic of apprehending the nurse who caused the man to commit such an act as it is against the law to aid someone in causing themselves or another person any harm.

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Mohamud Haret


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