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"Ameomoka, Kumbe Hakukua Na Kazi" Ntakufinya Guys Land Themselves An Advertising Job

Musioka and Matendechere have actually been trending in the social media platforms. It seems that many people liked their act. The incident seem to have happened several years ago in Mkurukwanjenga village in Nairobi County.

The two guys have been trending because of the "Ntakufinya act". In the incident, Musioka was being interviewed by news reporters about the issue of electricity in the area. Musioka replied out of an experienced when the electric power caught him accidentally at his house. Musioka was using a rake to prevent rain water from entering his house. That is when he dug where the electric wires were set and he got an electric shock. Since then his hands are not well, they are abit bend.

Matendechere out from no where came while Musioka was being interviewed by the reporters and interrupted the speech. Matendechere told Musioka in Kiswahili that "Mambo ya stima achia watu wa stima waongele, we ambia serikali ikupatie kazi". Musioka according to the interview yesterday with Jalongo said that he was abit tensed and told Matendechere that "unajibu swali kulingana vile umeulizwa". Musioka continued and said that "Mimi nko na kazi".

That is the time when Matendechere got angered and told Musioka in Kiswahili that "Ntakufinya". Musioka replied to him "Finya". This is actually the thing that is trending in social media. The truth is that Musioka had no good job he was scared and decided to say that he has a job. His job is to deliver water by mkokoteni to people in the area. On the other hand, Matendechere own a small salon and kinyozi which enable him to earn his living.

Yesterday, while Jalango was interrogating them, he assure them that he will give both of them a motorcycle. Also, he told them that the Jahazi Flour Company will wish them to advertise their flour.

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