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Subaru Forester Burnt at Lessos.

Some bodaboda riders find it easier to unite in barbaric acts. Whenever there is incident between them and other road users like public service vehicles or privately driven vehicles, they gather so fast to frustrate them. These bodaboda riders usually do this irrespective of who is on the wrong side. In most of the times they burn public and private vehicles, beat the drivers and in rare cases they pick their colleague's motor bike and run a way with, that is if the bodaboda rider was on the wrong.

These bodaboda riders are same across the country. One might think that they went to same school. Their barbaric behavior is standardized. Yesterday, a group of bodaboda riders burnt down a Subaru Forester at Lessos. The vehicle hit one people who was alleged to have died. This people gathered quickly at the scene as they usually do. Made their own assessment and quickly concluded that it the driver of the Subaru who was on the wrong. So they burnt it.

In future, I'm seeing a possibility of people insuring their vehicles against the Bodaboda barbaric actions. It is not a good act anyway, can the bodaboda riders be reasonable.

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