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Most Underrated Groups of Workers in Kenya that Deserve More Respect

However much these group of people work hard to create a better place and environment for almost all Kenyans, they still remain some of the most underrated workers in Kenya;

1. Mjengo People

Mjengo is one of the hardest work in Kenya if I'm not wrong. However much these group of people work together to help architects come up with some of the best and strongest commercial and residential buildings, they still fall under the most underrated groups in Kenya. Honestly, these people deserve more respect.

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2. Garbage Collectors

This is another group that works hard to make the environment clean and welcoming. However, they still remain some of the most underrated workers. Maybe it is because they appear filthy and are always on the dump sites or because of the nature of their work. Garbage collectors deserve respect, if not for who they are, atleast for what they do. Imagine an estate without garbage collectors.

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3. Watchmen

Imagine someone putting their lives on the line to protect someone else and their property. Then you'll find those being protected, even spitting on them. It is very unethical to disregard a security officer, not to forget police officers. They deserve equal respect for their work, to boost their self-contentment and to give them the much needed reason to keep working.

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4. House helps

No wonder some of them turn out to be violent, because at times they feel no one values their work and efforts. House helps too deserve respect, just like white collar office holders.

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The nature of someone's job doesn't make them less of human, so, we should always try to respect all manner of workers who put together untapped efforts to make the world a better place. Please share this widely.

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