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Cop Mugambi Has A Heart Of Gold, See What He Did To A Tuktuk Operator

Corporal Mugambi George is a representation of the few cops who still Value other people's lives. After Meeting a tuk-tuk operator in town, He inquired about the Road safety regulations which the tuk-tuk operator did not put in place. Corporal Mugambi went ahead and listened to The operator's pleas of having a sick cancerous wife who couldn't allow him to have any money. As if that was not enough, He accompanied the tuk-tuk operator to the hospital and even donated blood to the wife suffering from breast cancer.

George Mugambi is a corporal based in Mombasa. His act of sympathy has made him receive bundles of praises from citizens. Others to whom he has interacted with and others he is hearing of for the first time.

On his line of duty, Cop George Stopped a person operating a tuk-tuk by the name, William Mzungu. He however had not complied with the road safety guidelines. He openly explained to Cop Mugambi that he had a sick wife and three children. Therefore, He finds it hard to put food on the table and that doubles up to not being able to comply with the National transport safety and Authority guidelines.

This condition made Cop Mugambi shed tears. He felt sorry for William. He, therefore, Accompanied him to the hospital where Williams's wife was Hospitalised.

Upon Inquiry, he realized that Williams's wife needed 10 pints of blood. He donated pints of blood and also he influenced his friends to help the tuk-tuk operator.

Mzungu William could not help but appreciate the great favor accorded to him by the police officer.

Congratulations Cop George Mugambi.


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