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How Bandits Are Trained At Their Tender Age For Tough Life Ahead

Nation Media Group on the life of a bandit in North Rift did documentation. The documentation pieced together the details of the lives of bandits who have terrorized the residents for over a decade.

Most armed cattle rustlers begin their training as young boys; these young boys often skip school to learn how to survive in the bush by any means necessary, including firearms. In this setting, young boys (as young as eight or nine ages) are taken from their mothers and taught "the way of men," which includes, among other things, how to handle and fire a firearm safely and effectively, as well as how to survive in the harsh environment.

According to Mr Julius Akeno, who lives in Tiaty, boys are taken away from their mothers at a young age, and they are not permitted to stay in the same huts as their parents. Their hangout is the aperitif hour, around the open fireplace of the compound. They practice maintaining a state of vigilance even when they're in deep slumber. A common advice is to have them sleep with their eyes closed but their ears open. They shouldn't fall asleep with the door open and have someone sneak in and wake them up. It's a huge no-no that deserves a severe caning. Boys can be toughened up for life's challenges by being treated roughly as young boys.

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