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How to protect your car and Parts from theft.

If you have been keen on social media, you might have noticed that there are kany people who are complaining of car thefts. If you are unlucky and your car is stolen, there are minimal chances of you finding it intact as most theives strip them for parts.

Apart from having car trackers, there are many other things you need to do to reduce chances of exposing your car and parts to thieves.

1. Do you double check whether you have locked your door after parking? Always do, your key can miss a turn and you end up leaving your car unlocked.

2. Try the much you can to park under or close to Street lights just in case you get late. It is safe for you, your car, and car parts like the side mirrors etc.

3. As you park, try to befriend the car parkers and the guards , these guys will one day save your side mirrors or car labels and other removable parts.

4. Lending your car to many people increasing security risk. You will be sharing your cut-outs positions and other security features. Try to keep your car under your bosom.

5. Use the steering, pedal and gear locks when leaving your car in the streets.

It is prudent to consider having insurance policies against theft. Especially in areas that are prone to vehicle theft.

If you can, (only if), avoid common brands that will make you jitty. There are cars whose parts people can hardly steal because finding outlets for them will be tricky.

Come to think of it, these spare parts you buy in the streets in the name of ex-japan, some are out of stolen cars. Someone steals the car, and cuts into pieces within seconds.

Do not ignore alarms. Be alert always.

Above all, Always pray for protection before stepping out of your house.

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