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Major Cause of Suicide and Murder Among Kenyans

The rate at which mysterious deaths are reported in weekly basis has been alarming and correct measures should be taken to make sure that this alarming issue is brought to an end. Recently, the whole country is moaning the loss of iconic athlete famous known as Agnes Tirop who succumbed to excessive loss of blood after being stubbed on the neck. Chief suspect, who was also her husband has been arrested while on the run to hiding.

Love disputes is the leading cause. Statistics has shown that the highest number of murder and suicide affecting teenagers all the way to even couples whom have spent more than 20 years in marriage. We have witnessed parents killing their own children and later committing suicide. Different stakeholders especially the church should increase their efforts in education Kenyans on matters love.

Depression has also emerged to be the major cause. This is a dangerous mood disorder that affects individual feelings and can push anyone to do crazy things such as murder. This is mainly caused by over thinking and to avoid this one should frequently socialize with friends and take part in recreational activities.

Tough economic times has also exerted intense pressure to Kenyans especially parents. Most of the Kenyans struggles so much to ensure that at the end of the day they can afford something to eat. Most of the time some even go without lunch or dinner. At the end of it all, they find it better to commit suicide to get rid of life struggles.

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