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'Hawa Watu Wa Boda Wamezidi' Bodaboda Rider Forces Himself On His Woman Passenger In The Bush

With the increase in the number of Boda Boda operators in the country, movement from one place to another has been made easy and efficient. The riders are so many in almost all places be it urban or rural areas. When there is a traffic jam and you are in a hurry to get somewhere in town, take a Bodaboda and you will be there in your stipulated time.

In rural areas, Bodaboda Operators have been quite efficient in ferrying customers between home and market places, and from one region to another where public service vehicles are not common.

The operation of the riders has seen many regular customers acquire their mobile numbers and they just make a call for quick services.

However, it has been reported that some riders are acting as an avenue for evil perpetration if they don't perform the evil themselves.

In one reported case, a Bodaboda Operators broke the trust of his 57 year old female customer. It is reported that the operator took advantage of the lady as he was ferrying her at night and he forcefully had his way with her in the bush.

It is while he was in the evil act that passersby heard the woman's cry for help and they rushed to help. They captured the man and after giving him some thorough beating, they handed him to the police.

The rider, who goes by the name James Muiruri was charged in court and the judge slapped him with 15 Years behind bars. This will act as a lesson to other rogue Bodaboda riders who have intentions of commiting unethical acts to their riders.

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