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Never Do This Once a Gas Cylinder is Dropped by a Bodaboda Rider, the Kenya Police Warns

The Kenya Police has warned Kenyans against connecting gas cylinders to gas cookers immediately the gas cylinder is dropped by a body boda rider.

Speaking via Facebook page, the Kenya police articulated that connecting the gas cylinder immediately predisposed the perpetrator to incidental fires that would consequently results to burns and potential property lose.

The Kenya Police underscored that the gas embodied in the cylinder is shacken a myriad number of times during the transportation process and that it is pivotal to give it adequate time to settle before connecting it to the gas cookers.

The agency further urged kenyans to always check seals and sources of the gas cylinder refills before using it in the cooking chores.

The Kenya Police sentiments come just two days after a tenant in one of the senior staff estates was admitted in a city hospital with 25% burns following an accidental gas explosion. Sources privy to the Kenya police intimated that the tenant ordered a gas cylinder via a rider and when it arrived, she immediately connected it and it exploded on her face. The tenant later died.

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