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Kericho Police Plans On How To Curtail Curfew Violation

Despite the introduction of curfew measures following the outbreak of the dreaded coronavirus pandemic, implementation of this guideline has often been derailed.

Including inaccessible roads, police implementing curfew measures have often found it difficulty in accessing areas with poor road connectivity. Residents in such localities have as well continued to violate the prevailing measures.

Across the country, police colluding with business owners is never a fairy tale. In a number of cases, rogue and greedy police departments have often gained largely through bribes. Similarly, in Kericho, the fight against overtime sale of alcohol in several joints is far from over. Notably, no legal action is taken as rowdy police officers engage in drinking sprees in "paying" joints.

In remote locations in the wider Kericho County, lack of street lighting has hampered the quest for legal administration of curfew implementation. While enforcing these regulations, police officers lack the know-how of an area's terrain hence making it difficult for them to bring violators to book.

However, the Kericho Police Department has been handed a major boost in the fight against curfew violations. In Kipkelion West for example, the continuing street lighting is on the verge of completion. This will by far enable easier administration of night curfews by the legal team.

Subsequently, police from several areas across the green town have in turn colluded with loyal citizens in as far as curfew implementation is concerned. In such curfew violations, these dubbed "informers" are to contact police who will in turn organise a raid.

In a bid to derail business owners colluding with police officers, an authorized team has been tasked to raid all bars and night clubs operating beyond the stipulated time.

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