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Prison escape attempt. 49 inmates confirmed dead

A prison is a place where those who beaks the law are taken to in attempt to get them back in the right ways. They are fully protected inorder to prevent and deal with any escape attempt whenever they occur. There is a recent incident in Colombia involving prisoners who tried to escape.

At least 49 inmates were killed and dozens more injured early Tuesday during an attempted prison escape in southwestern Colombia, an official from the national prison agency told AFP.

"So far there are 49 dead," said the sportsperson for the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute, adding that the toll from the city of Tulua was preliminary and "may change."

The tragedy occurred during an escape attempt followed by a fire, Caracol Radio quoted the authorities as sayings.

The outgoing president sent a tweet that read; "we regret the event that occured in the prison in Tulua, Valle del Cauca, " Deque said.

" I have given instructions to clarify this terrible situation. My solidarity is with the families of the victims."

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