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Road Accident

Avoid Mainland-Magongo Road, This is What is Currently Happening There

What are the dangers of a closed road?.Most probably you will be late for your business.It is very important for one to know if the road they are accessing is free to give them way.To avoid dangers that may result from the roads,then one should learn to understand the routes they are using properly.

An accident has occurred in mainland to magongo area the way passing through the Kenya Ports Authority.The trailer which carries containers from the port fall on the main route closing the pass way.Photo courtesy|mainland-magongo congestion after this trailer has closed the road.

People who had taken this route have been blocked by this trailer and are stuck in this congestion.We are officially informing both drivers of the public and the private that they should use an alternative route so that they can avoid the unnecessary congestion.

Whoever that is heading to that direction,tell your driver to divert to an alternative route.All drivers are also advised to share this message to their colleagues so that they will not be caught in this trap too.

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