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Female Teacher Caught in Bed with a 15-year-old Boy, she Even Sent Him Private Photos of Herself

A secondary school female teacher aged 41 years old has landed herself in trouble after sending private videos to a 15-year-old boy she was tutoring. The teacher sent videos of herself with the boy in a bed engaging in the act during the night hours.

The minor shocked the court after the teacher was arraigned by confessing that indeed the teacher pushed him in bed took off his clothes and forced him to satisfy her. While in the act, the teacher went ahead to record a video to serve as a memory for them. While narrating his incident, the minor confessed that in reality,y he spent the night with the teacher after she persuaded him to spend the night with her.

After the act, the teacher went ahead to send the minor the disturbing videos and photos of them together via WhatsApp. It was also noted that the teacher allegedly removed her clothes and slept with the minor without protection. While appearing before the court, the teacher was seen pregnant and it is not sure if she is holding the minor's baby since her husband is not known.

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