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The Notorious Criminal Gangs Of Kisumu

Kisumu has a queit and a calm environment.

The ambience if the tree lined avenues of the posh Milimani estate bodering Kake Victoria has a very refreshing view.

But in recent times, when the night falls in parts of the city that have historically enjoyed a relative security. The silence is shutterd by screams or gunshots. Somewhere, someone would be at the receiving end of a sharp machete brandished by a hardened criminal.

These gangs who mostly operate at the night, are raping, slashing or even shooting at their targets ruthlessly.

They are armed with machete, guns, and other crude weapons, and are said to be operating in groups of 10 people or more, terrorizing residents with such impunity that they dissapear at the scene of attacks fearlessly and escape with ease.

Residents are hoping that the government will put more measures to stop the criminal activities of these gangs so that security can return.

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