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Why Million of Kenyans Are Falling Into Poverty Killing The Hopes Of Many Citizens (Reforms)

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Kenya has experienced socioeconomic challenges leading to delayed progress in reducing poverty, with an estimated more than two million additional Kenyans falling into poverty. Over the last decade, Kenya has been struggling with the rampant increase in Corruption that has seen billions being stolen from the public only to end up with few individuals. Many graft cases since 2013 are still pending in courts with only a few that have managed to kick off and justice served. This corruption monster is killing the hopes of many Kenyan citizens who are really struggling to make ends meet. Job losses are at an extreme high level as compared to the ratio of graduates vs employed each year. The trend worsened by the emerging of Covid-19 early 2020 and due to lockdowns being imposed, its evident more people are still losing their sources of income to the point where many have found themselves in poverty striking situations. The cost of living is unbearable. Electricity, fuel, housing, transport and health related sectors have been hit hard with expensive bills trickling down to common mwananchi. This has led to a depressed society that has no hope of the future as the situation keeps worsening by day. Politics has been the order of the day year in year out. The government tends to forget about the economics and the social welfare of its citizens to the point crime and suicide rates is increasing at an alarming rate.

Time for reform

Several studies and past programs have offered valuable information which provide solutions that we can borrow as a country and reduce poverty and grow the economy. It’s important for the government to expanding access to resources such as education, healthcare and housing for all citizens of on its territory regardless of income status. This is one of the most direct ways to improve living conditions of all citizens. Additionally, access to micro-financing options helps to stimulate the market. This should be done at the grassroots level. Leaders need to be on the ground and listen to its people which will enable them to tackle the challenges at hand rather than speculating. Give Mama Mboga, bodaboda riders, youths, women n men in rural areas and the most vulnerable groups in society affordable financing so that they can do business and feed for themselves. This will trickle down to the economy growth of the country. The reason why Hustle narrative is picking momentum in Kenya is the false hope given to Mwananchi that they will be given money but the problem I see, there are no known facts or policies on paper that can enable that to be achieved. Leaders are taking advantage of Kenyans by lying to them while over the years they steal from the same people. Let us be vigil and elect reasonable, caring, educated, corrupt free, economists, knowledgeable and wise leaders who will get us out of this mess and improve our economy at large. Its possible to get money trickle down to the common mwanachi if the right policies are implemented. Let every corrupt person face the courts and justice be served to act as an example to others who might be eying this evil deed. The day we will tackle corruption, I don’t see why we wont develop our Country to be like Singapore or even better.  

Stay Safe. Peace.

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