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Landlady Left Speechless After She Caught Her Lover Red Handed 'Chewing' Her Only Daughter

A landlady in Nairobi was Heartbroken greatly after she was betrayed by the person she loved most. The Lady by the Name Mary has beet taking care of her plots at Kangemi after her husband has died leaving behind an only daughter.

It is reported that Mary fell in love with one of the men who were living in her plots identified as just Odhis and there love deepened. So great was the couple in love that within few months of seeing each other, Odhis moved in to live with Mary in her house.

Odhis then earned Mary's trust by treating her well and being trustworthy even with little as well as large sums of money. It is alleged that Mary could sent Odhis construction materials and he would not steal a single penny from her. Odhis then warmed Mary's heart further by cleaning for her and doing cooking once in a while.

These acts convinced Mary that Odhis is a good man to the point that Mary gave him her bank account PIN. All this time, Odhis lived with Mary in the same house she resides with her daughter.

At one day, Mary moved out and when she came back, she found her lover, Odhis in the act with her only daughter.

To make matters more worse, when she confronted them, they moved out of the house and eloped together to where they only know best.

It is quite sad to be betrayed by the only person you had trusted so much to the point of sharing your bank details with them. To make it more bitter, they cheat on you with your own daughter. It sounds like double tragedy.

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