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"Kichapo Cha Mbwa", VIDEO Captures 3 Police Men Beating A Man Merciless Inside Lodwar Hospital

In a video that has surfaced online, three cops were captured physically abusing a handcuffed man inside Lodwar Hospital.

In the video, two cops are first seen trying to pull the man towards the hospital's reception. The man adamantly refuses to walk when one of the officers whips him with a black rod. He begs for mercy but it's not so long when another officer hits him severally with a wooden stick on his legs.Moments later another cop joins and the trios now begin to push the man out the entry door.The man gets bombastic beatings from the three cops as lays down, shouting at the top of his voice pleading for mercy. Netizens online couldn't hold their anger as they bashed the police for their unprofessionalism.

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Why wouldn't they arrest him and arraign him in court if he was a criminal?

Police brutality is always against the law and no one should ever take the law into his/her hands.

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News source: Ravine News Facebook Page

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Kichapo Cha Mbwa


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