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"Am Not A Magician", Chitembwe Angrily Says During The CJ Interview Over A Controversial Ruling

Justice Said Juma Chitembwe got angry during the interviews for Chief Justice position on Monday 12th April, 2021. Chitembwe was being questioned on why he released a defilement suspect who was to be jailed for 20 years. He said that the complainant who was below 18 years of age was crying for 'husband' and that he had to consider her life.

After a series of questions, Chitwembe said that his decision was individual. He added that he cannot go asking why judges made a certain decision.

"Has the jurisprudence to jurisdiction on arbitration, election matters and criminal matters been settled?", Asked the intervieer

"I can’t say it has been settled. It is not a problem in the sense that a similar problem will come and the judge will stick to their decision so what do you do? I am not a magician, I won’t tell judges why did you decide like this? It doesn’t work like that.", answered Justice Chitwembe.

The judge continued to state that even if the government states that consent to engage in adult acts should start at the age is 18years, there has to be practicality of the issue. Therefore the judge said that he was ready to be criticised for ruling he made on the defilement suspect. He added that his quest for chief Justice position is not make fix any problem.

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