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Zora: Kwame Orders His Mother To Wash His Cloths But Zalena Will Not Spare Him

In today's episodes Zalena will be preparing a meal in the kitchen. Kwame will come carrying clothes and orders his mother to wash them for him and she should not mix them because of different colours.

Zalena will not spare Kwame, she tells him is not his maid and should wash his clothes, Zalena tells him he should go to the river to bring water and do it's cleaning. Kwame will complain that he don't know how to do and has never washed but Zalena tells him he should be ashamed of himself because a man with beard wants his mother to wash his clothes. Kwame will get angry and takes his clothes away.

Kwame will not have other options but to go to the river to bring water and wash his clothes.

Life in the village is getting hard everyday and Kwame seem to be tired of it but he has to bear with the life because they have no other place to live.

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Kwame Zalena


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