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Tirop's Family Learns What Rotich Did to Daughter's Prime Plots, Cars With Utter Shock

The family of the late Olympian Agnes Jebet Tirop has learnt with utter shock that most of the properties accumulated by their daughter changed hands three mounts ago. They now speculate that her fiance Rotich, might have orchestrated the plan to change property ownership while she was Tokyo Japan for the Olympics. Rotich may have killed Tirop after she learnt what he had done to the properties.

Jeremiah Sawe who is the family's spokesperson told the media that a number of nine prime plots owned by Rotich in Eldoret town and Kesses are nolonger registered in her name. Additionally a plot she owned near the University of Eldoret was disposed off three months ago at a cost of 9M. The remaining plots are registered in Rotich's name.

The plot in which her Iten house is built is also reads Ibrahim Rotich as the sole owner. Also, the family cannot locate logbooks and other ownership documents on some of the cars recently acquired by the athlete. They speculate that her husband may know some information on the whereabouts on the document.

Sawe also disclosed that all of bank accounts operated by the late Tirop are locked. The family cannot access the funds as for now.

The family argues that her fiance had no job and knowledge the acquire such properties. All the properties are Tirop's sweat. Statements have also been recorded on the same and investigations are underway.

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