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Annoying Behaviours We Kenyans Need To Change

As kenyans we are known for so many things but certain behaviours we posses have to change.Number one on the list is asking questions we already know the answer to.Most kenyans will see you with a bathing towel but still ask if you are going to take a shower.We need to change this.Another is throwing litter everywhere.Most of us will see a dustbin but still end up throwing dirt on the floor.In the club,most kenyan ladies have no money,they go and wait for men to approach them before requesting for drinks on their billls.Men who steal other people's drinks in the club while dancing is another character that needs change.Kenyan men should also start taking showers regularly.Most of us are known to miss some days especially during the cold weather.Last but not least we all need to refrain from corruption.This has become a vice that has ended up tarnishing our name around the world.

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